My little fun design

4/07/2013 04:22:00 AM Hikari 0 Comments

Just wanna fun with my little design.
Here are my design. Check it out, minna~san.
Yeah, i just can edited with Corel Draw. I usually try to use photoshop but failed. Hahaha...
I think, this edited not too bad to look. ^^

This pic only for my blog. For new cover blog. ^^

My Project for class's T-shirt. 
Just idea
DAGADU? People call it MATA. 
But, in my school calls 232 is DAGADU . Read it by ur self. hahahaha

 I dunno what i was thinking at that time.
LOVE ?? HIS face? 

When i started use corel.

Inspirated by book. 
This was my project for idea design. 

This is too...

Almost same with intel logo?
Yeah, that was i'm thinking when i made this design.

I think it's the cool one....


And many more.....

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