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9/09/2013 05:23:00 AM Hikari 0 Comments

Hello guys....
Sometimes, i posted my posts with my photos. But, i think, you all..... don't know who i am. Who is the girl behind this blog. So, let me introduce my self.

I am Ellen Yofita Priscilia Lombu. Yeah, this is my real name. But, i usually use hikariyofita or hikayoo for my blog (oh, others also). The meaning of Ellen is Radiance and Radiance in Japanese is Hikari. Yoo or Yofita is my middle name. Yuph, that's why i use this name. Hehehehe. I started use blog in 2010. I wrote the posts just when i feel bored of something or i'm in the high mood. Hahahaha. I posted anything i like to write. But actually i really like to write poems. I like reading novel and sometimes try to make it.... but it's always fail. oowww.

This is real me!!

This pic above is real me. Yeaah, real me. Many people not believe when i changed into a candy girl. Umm, it's 'cause i changed a little bit from a boyish into girly. But, whenever i changed my fashion, i still look beauty, isn't it? *pede banget sih gw*.
Ah, if you want to now me close, just add my socmed. I'm a socmed girl! I always online when i gotta wifi. :) :). 

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